For your face only- Sunglasses and face shapes

Sunglasses are not just for your eyes but also for your face. Right sunglasses can accentuate lines and contours of your face. It is, therefore, important to know your face shape as well glasses that complement your look.

There are number of factors that affect your look when you don a particular type of sunglasses. The combination of your face shape and sunglasses can either make you look like a fun loving person or an authoritative personality, depending upon the vibes you want to emit.


Elements Sunglasses


Round Face


e.g. Shilpa Shetty, Kate Hudson

Wider Forehead , Rounded chin, and full cheeks Narrow , rectangular frames, retro-inspired right angles , angular shapes Adds sharpness , highlight your cheekbones, make  your face more contoured
Oval Face


e.g. Karishma Kapoor , Briteny Spears

Rounded jaw, balanced face Literally any frame in the world Can highlight curved line of your face with rounded or curved shapes


Angular shapes can give you a more bold look


Square Face



Sandra Bullock, Angelina Jolie, Demi Moore


Wider forehead +defined jawlines


Oval / Cat-eye frame


Rectangular glasses with dark rims with slightly curved edges can give you more feminine and playful look



Heart shaped face




Wider forehead, high cheekbones and small chin



Curved lines with a bridge



Gives your face a classic , understated look


SmartBuy Kart provides you with all these options. All you need to do is go online and check out the website. Trust us; you will be spoilt for choice.


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