Eye for a glass

A spectacular sight

That glasses have become an integral part of one’s face and lives is a fact which cannot be easily denied. You might need artificial support (glasses and lenses) to improve your vision, save eyes from the glare of the computer screens or just give you a nerdy look. While Sherlock promoted brainy is the new sexy, a few went ahead and gave a different twist to their look whether they are actually intelligent or not-nerdy.

This look or enhancement of one’s vision can be gained either through glasses or lenses. But how to choose between the two? Each of them comes with their own set of pros and cons. None of them claim to be the best.  Factors like lifestyle, comfort, convenience, and affordability play an important role in the decision-making process.

We have listed out the pros and cons of both glasses as well as contact lenses to help you come to an informed conclusion before walking into an eye wear shop or shopping for it online.


Pros Cons
1.       Reduces the need to touch your eyes which in turn ensures less irritation. Peripheral vision is usually distorted because the eyeglasses sit about half an inch from the face which makes it difficult to focus on side objects, especially when you first start wearing them.


2.       For those with dry and/or sensitive eyes, glasses provide a firmer protection and do not exacerbate the problem. For those with strong prescriptions, the edges of your lenses might be thick and unappealing. It makes your eyes look either too big or too small.


3.       Eyeglasses a bit cheaper than lenses. Unless you break them, there is hardly any need to keep on changing them constantly. In case the power changes; the frame need not be changed. A few frames tend to put too much pressure on the nose and behind the ears which leads to prolonged headache.




4.       Glasses provide a better protection against dust and other outside elements.


Contact lenses





1.       Conforming to the curvature of your eyes, contact lenses provide a wider field of vision and cause fewer distractions and obstructions.


Using contact lenses is troublesome for a few people as it involves a proper technique.
2.       Best suited for those who constantly play sports or work out. Contact lenses reduce the level of oxygen reaching your eyes and thereby might escalate the dry-eye syndrome.


3.       Not affected by weather and does not fog up in cold weather unlike glasses. In order to avoid potential, serious eye infection, contact lenses need to be taken care of properly each day.


4.       Contact lenses let you play with the color of your eyes as they come in different shades.  




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