Yoga for your eyes

Exercises which are good for your eyes

‘For your eyes only’ is going to take a different meaning once you are done reading this article. No, we are not talking about proper eye makeup. Rather the focus of this article is to help your relax your eyes and thereby improve the eyesight. Taking proper care of your eyes is extremely important, especially in age when we are constantly glued to one sort of screen or the other.

Read on to find out the exercises which you can do without putting in much of an effort.

• Gaze into the darkness
Before you start this exercise, address the room with ‘hello darkness, my old friend’. Once established that no one is replying back from that empty space, put your elbows on a table and cup your eyes with your palms. Remove your palms and then gaze into the darkness.

• Eye movement
In order to this sideways movement for your eyes, you need to be sit or stand extremely straight. Without moving your head, train your eyes to move from left to right as well as up and down. Continue doing it for five times. There are two things to remember during this exercise. Firstly before roving your eyes; focus on an object. Secondly, do not do it in the presence of people. They might want to call an exorcist.

• *Rolling my eyes*
The rolling eyes smiley might be one of the most used smileys in your conversations. And those who have read 50 Shades of Grey; know the consequences of eye rolling. But in this case, you do not have to worry about anything like that. All you need to do is, look left and slowly roll your eyes in a clockwise and then in an anti-clockwise manner. Repeat this cycle for five times.

• Hocus Pocus Focus
You do not need any magic words for this exercise, we just wanted to make the headline seem catchy. But, yes, you do need to focus your eyes on a particular object kept at least 30 cms away from your eyes. Look at something in the distance and then focus on the object again. Keep on changing the focus 5 times.

• Make your eyebrow game sharp
Although not necessary, it might not be a bad thing to thread your eyebrows before doing this exercise. Sit up straight and look ahead before gazing at the point between your eyebrows. Focus on that spot for a few times and then look ahead again. Continue doing this for 5 times.

• A nosey affair
As weird as it might sound, focus on the tip of your nose for a few seconds and then look ahead. Repeat this nosey affair for 5 times.

• Massage out the stress
A simple way to get rid of the stress around your eyes is to massage your eyes. Close your eyes and squeeze them shut for about two-three seconds. Another way of massaging is to make circular movements on your eyelids. Make about ten circular movements without putting much pressure on the eyelids. Do it clockwise for 5 times and counter-clockwise for 5 times.

The exercises mentioned here do not take much of an effort. So, the next time you feel a bit stressed, try relaxing your eyes instead. For more severe cases, it is recommended to visit a doctor. And those already with glasses who feel that their eyes might feel better with a new frame, visit SmartBuyKart for options.


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