Common eye diseases

These eyes. Diseased eyes

You can get over and forgive ‘aankhon ki gustakhiyaan’. But when it comes to ‘aankhon ki diseases’, it certainly needs to be paid more attention to. Whether it is a minor itch or pus oozing out of your eyes, any sort of irritation in your eyes cannot be ignored.

It so happens that many eye diseases have no early symptoms. In fact, they start out as quite painless and not feel any change in vision until the disease has become extremely advanced. The obvious suggestion when this happens is to go see an eye doctor. But, what if we help you know a bit more about the eye diseases so that you do not dismiss it off as ‘shampoo got into my eyes’. Read on to find out more.

Lazy eye (amblyopia)

An involuntary loss of vision is commonly known as lazy eyes or medically amblyopia. This happens when the brain of an infant or a child does not tolerate double images and shuts down the vision in the weaker eye. In other words, it is a healthy eye that cannot see. Children and infants are most commonly afflicted with this disease but can be reversed with proper therapy.


It is the loss of the ability to see close objects or read close prints clearly. This is a process that happens over a lifetime but may actually not come into notice until 40 years of age. It can be taken care of by using reading glasses or bi-focals. And no, this is not just make nerdy look sexy. No, you will not look like Clark Klent. You will actually just be someone with reading glasses, being teased about the same.


As funny as the word sounds, it is actually quite a serious eye problem. Floaters are tiny spots or flecks which float across the field of vision. These often come into view in a well-lit room or outdoors on a bright day. Floaters are also sometimes accompanied by light flashes or reduction in the field of vision, like a curtain falling over the eyes.

Dry eyes

Crying is never a sign of weakness and we are all aware of that. But what happens when you cannot cry not because you have ‘the emotional range of a teaspoon’ but because of a condition called dry eyes? Dry eyes occur when tear glands cannot produce enough tears. Dry-eyes is a very irritating syndrome which causes itching and/or burning.

No, dicing a number of onions is not going to help you deal with the disease. An eye specialist needs to be consulted to make your eyes wet again.


Ever been called drama queen/king because of excessive too much tears rolling down your eyes? Well, now you can shove a medical term to their faces called tearing. This is a disease which causes tears to roll down the eyes upon exposure to light, wind or temperature changes. Tearing also implies a much more serious problem of eye infection or blocked tear-duct.

The diseases mentioned here need the advice and help of eye specialists for proper treatment. But in case you are just looking to shield your eyes from dust and dirt around you, then SmartBuy Kart is the right place for you. Moreover, after your doctor recommends sunglasses or reading glasses for the proper care of your eyes, you can always visit the website to choose your options.


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