Can you read this?

Are you being able to read this without scrunching up your eyes even in a minimal way? No? Then it is certainly time for you to go for an eye check up. Regular eye check ups need to form an important part of the health check up routine. It not only helps you keep track… Continue reading Can you read this?


Dust is good in words, not in your eyes

The obvious choice to protect your eyes from dust are sunglasses. Like your skin, your eyes also need to be protected from the harmful UV rays. One of the most stylish yet cheapest way is to wear sunglasses that come with a certification of 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays. For the best results… Continue reading Dust is good in words, not in your eyes

Homemade remedies to treat eye infection

Eyes are the windows to the soul. Don’t let an infection affect that An eye infection is not something anyone looks forward to. An eye infection makes our eyes turn red, causes irritation and swelling of the eyelids. In case these symptoms get severe, medication is certainly required. However, there are certain remedies available which… Continue reading Homemade remedies to treat eye infection